Farapopyesh Polymer

Farapooyesh Company was registered in 1997 with the philosophy of prioritizing new and special activities by several engineering graduates of Sharif University of Technology in Arak.

The activities of this company regarding epoxy and polyurethane liquid flooring first started with the supply of raw materials from other companies and after expanding the activities of this company to the whole country, in order to improve the quality of products  and material quality problems, the company decided to produce some required materials. For this reason, research on the production of some floorings material began and with a lot of effort of the company’s engineers and technicians and the necessary investments, this activity was completed and after a while, some  good quality products were produced then  these products was also introduced in the markets, and now, Farapooyesh  products are considered as one of the highest quality epoxy and polyurethane flooring materials in the market that are used by many contractors and floorings company’s in many important projects.