Hard concrete floor covering

Hard concrete When the floor is expected to be harder and stronger than concrete, it has a reasonable price and the possibility of doing it in all spaces, especially in the open air and under sunlight, this floor covering is a good choice. This concrete can be applied in a limited number of colors

  1. These floors have high strength and anti-wear and have a very high life and durability

  2. Available in a limited number of colors.

  3. Its price is very reasonable

  4. Rainwater and its liquid penetration is much less than ordinary concrete

  5. It has a very high strength outdoors and is not affected by sunlight

  6. Due to its price, it has an acceptable beauty.

The method of applying hard concrete is similar to ordinary concrete with a butterfly trowel, and after concreting to a suitable thickness, after hardening to the extent that it is stepped on, by spraying hardening powder at a rate of 3-5 kg ​​per square meter and applying a trowel on it. And the penetration of these materials on concrete and hardening of these materials, which is much harder than concrete, creates a very hard and more resistant surface than ordinary concrete on the concrete surface, which after twenty-eight days of hardening concrete is a very strong surface for heavy machinery Is on it.

Meanwhile, with a thin coating of glossy resin of Poly Max Company, its surface becomes shiny and impermeable to liquids and it becomes very easy to wash.

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