Hospital flooring

Due to the fact that floor surfaces in most places are the most polluted areas, especially in hospitals and clinics, the importance of choosing the right floor covering that can meet the health requirements is very important  and requires smart and accurate selection.

For waiting rooms and inpatient rooms ordinary antibacterial epoxy and polyurethane flooring are used but for operating rooms, ECU, CCU, or other  rooms with many electronic equipment antibacterial conductive or antistatic epoxy flooring are used .

the products are formulated and produced exclusively for flooring in health care and hospitals and  due to the characteristics it can be a right and best choice for this places .

  • It is possible to create all kinds of designs, writings, color lines and artistic designs on it.

  • Liquids do not penetrate it and can be easily removed from the floors.

  • It is not slippery and it is possible to perform anti-slip for slopes and ramps.

  • It is possible to repair and change its color after many years at a much lower cost than the original cost

  • It is resistant to scratches and scratches.

  • Wheelchairs, stretchers, wheeled equipment are very easy to cross.

  • It is very resistant to chemicals and disinfectants and the fall of these substances on it does not harm it.


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