Decorative flooring

These floors usually have two additional layers in addition to the main floor, and after doing smooth epoxy flooring, the design is applied on it, and then a transparent protective layer is applied on it.

These floors with various colors and different designs are very suitable for luxury stores and exhibitions that want to be different with a different and modern design. In addition, for the following practical reasons, it is one of the most suitable floor coverings for first-class shops and restaurants.

  • These floors have high strength and anti-wear and have a long life and durability

  • It can be ordered in different colors and designs, and it is possible to give a special variety and beauty to the environment by using lines and several colors, and to identify logos, arrows, or paths

  • Ability to repair and change colors and designs at a much lower cost than the original cost

  • Water and oil do not penetrate into it and stick to the floor with very high strength and do not dust the surface

  • Its price is reasonable considering its efficiency

  • It has very good chemical resistance and is rich in antifreeze and most detergents do not damage it

  • It is hygienic and seamless and easy to wash

  • Customer wheel movement is very easy and convenient

  • Applies very little weight to the roof compared to other materials



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