Industrial flooring

flooring in industries is much more important than before due to the increasing importance of cleanliness and health in industries, in some food and medicine industries, it is considered a necessity, many type of resins are used  for flooring in  industries now .

our protective concrete flooring is used for halls that have a very heavy activity and produce large heavy structures and it is not possible to use other flooring, the flooring  brings hygienic and washable flooring for these industries.

Usually oil penetrates into the concrete and damage the concrete and reducing its life, it creates ugly scenes from the dirt of the floor. To solve this problem,  our concrete protector solution solves all above problems with a  reasonable price that  allows washing, preventing oil and soapy water  penetrationand  with very good resistant to chemicals and create a  pleasant environment for workers and industry owners

  • It is possible to repair and change its color after many years at a much lower cost than the original cost

  • It is resistant to scratches and scratches.

  • Wheelchairs, stretchers, wheeled equipment are very easy to cross.

  • It is very resistant to chemicals and disinfectants and the fall of these substances on it does not harm it.


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