Concrete surface protective flooring

This flooring is suitable for the following halls Halls where the lack of dust, washability and non-penetration of liquids in concrete is very important, but the beauty and smoothness of the surface is less important and the integration of epoxy and polyurethane flooring is not possible due to high cost.

It is very suitable for halls where large heavy metal parts and structures such as tanks, sheds, oil structures are built and heavy metal parts may be laid on the floor, but the cleanliness of the hall and the health of the floor and the absence of dust in the hall are very suitable. Because the hall can be washed at a relatively low cost, oil and liquids do not penetrate the floor surface and dust, which damages sensitive production equipment, does not occur.

With the penetration of these materials in the floor without creating extra thickness, the concrete surface becomes hard and impenetrable and does not occur due to dust scratches, and these scratches are not easily visible and the health of concrete is always maintained.

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