Sports flooring

One of the most important pillars of sports health and sports halls play an important role in this regard, due to the intense activities that are done in these halls, maintaining the health of athletes is very important and one of the most important factors in this regard is the quality of floor covering.

Farapooyesh flooring is produced for indoor sports halls in two main groups according to the use.

1 –Integrated polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane is one of the best materials for use in sports flooring due to its shock absorption and stress absorption properties, excellent flexibility and extraordinary strength. These floors are seamless and are poured on concrete or mosaic surfaces in liquid form, and after drying, they adhere to their sub-surfaces and have a very good elasticity and impact resistance, which causes the possibility of damage to Athlete minimized. In addition, liquid polyurethane flooring has the following advantages.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • High resistance to incoming forces

  • Ability to do in different colors and perform various designs and lines on it

  • High resistance to chemicals and detergents

  • Durability and color fastness and resistance to UV sunlight

  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces

  • Very high flexibility and elasticity and very high impact absorption

  • Excellent adhesion to athletes’ shoes

  • Simple and easy maintenance

In addition, these floors can be used with a combination of rubber granules to increase the flexibility of the floor and increase its thickness.


2- Pvc roll flooring and foam foam roll flooring

Ibn flooring is one of the most widely used sports flooring due to its quality, appearance, shape and tread, and its reasonable price, and it is mainly used in multi-purpose halls.

Usually produced in width of one meter and length of twelve meters, these floors are glued to concrete or mosaic after proper substructure and the seam between them is welded with a special pvc tape. For more flexibility in the back samples, the thickness of the PVC layer is reduced and a special foam is stuck under it, which makes the floor more flexible against shocks and prevents further injury to the athlete.


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