Antistatic and conductive flooring

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of hand sparking when it is connected to another object when we walk on the carpet with socks. The environment can be catastrophic and cause a large fire. In addition, in this discharge, a high current of electricity is discharged. Fuel and in addition this current can cause a disturbance in the operation of sensitive electronic devices in the environment in the form of a large noise, and due to the fact that sensitive operating rooms are full of electronic devices and sensitive measurements and its operation or burning device can It should cause serious problems, so measures should be taken in this regard. To solve this problem, the floor should not be insulated and conductive so that the static electricity is properly discharged. Static Wei Conductors are used with different degrees of conductivity, and for this purpose, electrical connection is made by connecting the conductive floor to the ground network.
And according to the above, the importance of flooring is very important in terms of conductivity and the necessary care must be taken in this regard.


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